iOS Dev Digest #2

  • Decrypted Kernels As you know, the first beta of iOS 10 came out with kernel cache being decrypted. Initially it was considered as a leak, but Apple confirmed that it was intentional. Time to exlore goodies!

  • Text handler for iOS 8 (source editor extension). One of the first source editor extensions for Xcode 8 for various simple text manipulations, like URL encoding/decoding, JSON formatting, UIColor to/from HEX. Might be a source for inspiration.

  • WWDC 2016 Developer Perspective The light of WWDC star is still coming in… Realm has captured a lot of “live sessions” about the most exciting parts from a developer perspective.

  • Awesome Swift A collaborative edited and well-organized list of awesome Swift libraries. If you search for something something you should definitely try it out.

  • Swift Algorithm Club Quite a lot of algorithms and data structures for refreshing your memories and/or checking for how to use Swift for those kind of tasks.

  • GraphQL for mobile Nice review of GraphQL from mobile developer perspective if you wish to know something before (or instead of) digging it by yourself.