Rust for iOS
Rust is a safe system programming language and it was a fun experience to make it compile and build for iOS.

The Bat!
It is the Best e-mail client ever and I'm really missing it on Mac. Developing The Bat! was one of the most important things happened in my life.

Quite interesting project, providing a new communication way, I have helped to port it to Linux and Mac.

Added support of Objective C highlighting to library.

Visualize Us Chrome and Safari extensions
Being a fan of, I was unable to refuse myself to write simple browser extensions for easy bookmarking images/photos.

Young Enterpreneurs in New Europe (in 2010 and 2012)
Project for encouraging european youngsters to think differently and search for business opportunities everywhere.

Contribution: organizator's assisstance.
Flexis Dev Camp
It was my first experience of being iOS coach. The main goal was to prepare new comers to iOS development in 2 weeks using intensive learning technologies.