Rust Docsets for Dash

Since I’m tracking Rust nightly and documentation from the last release was quite outdated, I’ve wrote a quite simple (at least I think so) docset generator for Dash (wonderful piece of software).

Here is the link to feed which is updated once new nightly released.

Once it was complete, I’ve understood that I’d like to see docs for my libraries in Dash as well and here is what I’ve got: rust-docset - it is a Python script which allows to generate Dash docsets and feed from any Rust docs.

It requires a pretty simple TOML manifest to be available, like this one:

name = "Piston"
bundle_id = "piston"
version = "0.0.1"
type = "docset.rust"
doc_dir = "../doc"
out_dir = "doc_out"

base_url = ""
upload_cmd = "./"

and might look like this:


s3cmd put -P $1 s3://net.vhbit.rust-doc
s3cmd put -P $2 s3://net.vhbit.rust-doc

While it started as Rust only project, I believe it could be relatively easily programmed to work with documentation generated by other tools.