Rust for iOS: Progress Report

Although there is no public indication, work on porting Rust to iOS continues, moreover it is going to the final stage. So far I’ve got all required pieces working:

  • fixed issue with mutexes crashing libgreen/rustuv runtime
  • got a working patch for LLVM to support segmented stacks
  • got working unwinding (another patch to LLVM compiler-rt)

In general, all major features are working now, providing first-class support of all Rust safety. There definitely might be small hiccups here and there but I believe they could be solved step-by-step, once the major part will be upstreamed to Rust master branch.

I need some time to clean up the code (as it has a lot of experimenting branches) and once patches to LLVM and compiler-rt landed - the last step will be rebase on current master and issue an PR.

I hope it will be finished this week.